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Professional Thesis Writers – Masters in Thesis Writing

SenPerfect.com has dozens of professional thesis writers to see students through this task. After the outline and all the other paper sections described above, the next logical step should be to come up with the first draft. The key to getting this done is to be prepared before beginning; that is, have some purpose, a thesis statement, do thorough research, and have a plan in the form of an outline.

Unlike most research papers and other types of academic papers, theses or dissertations are often quite long. For many students, choosing the topic of a thesis and going through all the phases that have been discussed above can be a nightmare.

Help Me Write a Thesis – Tips&Tricks

The introduction. An academic paper's introduction usually is 1 to 2 paragraphs long and can be longer for lengthier articles that need more background information. In general, an introduction should do the things below:

  • Get the audience’s immediate attention by being concise and engaging
  • Offer any needed term definitions or background information. These could be in the form of facts and history that the audience will need to comprehend the topic. The goal is to ensure that the audience has enough knowledge to follow the paper, but not too much to lose focus from it.
  • Briefly introduce the paper's main sections/points. That can be achieved by giving an overview of the critical points to provide the reader with an idea of what to expect. One should not go too deep or attempt to prove the points in the introduction.
  • Contain the thesis statement. This is usually the last sentence of the introduction in which the writer states or describes what the paper is going to do. More about the thesis has been discussed in an earlier section of the article. For help writing a thesis statement, contact SenPerfect.com. For help writing a thesis statement, contact SenPerfect.com

Body paragraphs. Depending on the purpose of a paper, the body paragraphs can be written in several ways. Important to note is that every paragraph should have a single point that supports the paper’s thesis. An ideal body paragraph should have:

  • The topic sentence. Often the paragraph’s first sentence that introduces the main idea to be discussed in the paragraph. It connects to the preceding paragraph, and is not taken from a source – it needs to be the writer’s idea.
  • Support. These are the supporting explanations, points, and details that back the topic sentence. They can be written in the student’s own words but need to include some facts and evidence from research.
  • The concluding sentence. It is usually the paragraph's last sentence, which reviews the things talked about and emphasizes the writer’s point or thesis. It also prepares the readers for the paragraph to follow.

What is more, it is essential to note that body paragraphs should not be too long. For many readers, it is quite challenging to stay focused and read lengthy text blocks. As such, the ideal length of a body paragraph should be ¾ of the page. Sounds too tricky? Use our thesis writing service to get that peace of mind.

Conclusion. This paragraph might be the shortest one in the essay. Even so, it is one of the most important as it is what the audience will remember. A conclusion is often meant to do the things below:

  • Provide a link to the final sentence of the last paragraph
  • Summarize the paper’s findings
  • Illustrate the significance of the findings
  • Give the paper a strong and memorable end

Connecting ideas.Since academic papers need to have clear organizational structures, all through the paper, a student needs to show the audience how his/her thoughts are linked between sentences and paragraphs.

3. Revising

At this phase, the first draft is done, but the work is far from over. Revising the paper is the next step towards completing the academic writing task. However, before making any changes to a paper, one needs to know what requires to be fixed. Some of the ways through which this can be established are through:

  • Getting feedback. In specific courses, students will be asked to exchange their essays to go through them and comment either online or in class. If this is not the case in a course, then, one can request a friend or the instructor to review parts of the paper. Advice from these people should be taken and the necessary changes made.
  • Referring to the grading rubric. Looking back at the checklist or paper requirements will help one to ascertain what they have right and what needs to be tweaked.
  • Making an outline of the first draft to check if the ideas are logically organized and whether they focus on responding to the questions
  • Reading the paper for focus. Going through all the sentences in the text and asking oneself whether they support the thesis or not could help in modifying the paragraphs that are a little off.
  • Reading the body paragraphs to see if the supporting sentences provide enough backing for the topic sentence
  • Pretending to be the audience and rereading the paper. That is usually difficult, and for this reason, it is recommended to have someone else review the document. We understand that this can be too time-consuming for some, that is why we offer thesis writing help to whoever needs it.

4. Editing

When one is pleased with the content of their paper, they should then begin to edit. This should be done way ahead of the deadline for the best results. Editing will increase the precision of an article and make it much easier to understand. The strategies below can all be used to execute this phase of academic writing:

  • Ask someone to read the paper out loud or do it
  • Use Microsoft Word’s grammar and spelling check functions
  • Use online grammar checkers
  • Read through the sentences to mark and replace repetitive words with synonyms
  • Locate the overly long sentences and rewrite them in a concise manner
  • Read the start and end of paragraphs to check the smoothness of the transitions
  • Go through each sentence to check if there is the subject, verb, object agreement
  • Read the paper without concentrating too much. If sections need to be read more than once, then, they are not clear and need to be rephrased. Buy thesis online to have your paper edited with the best.
  • Start proofreading
  • Do not take the whole day looking at the paper; manage time wisely
  • Print the article as that would show mistakes that might not be conspicuous on the computer screen
  • Read the paper sentence by sentence to check if the grammar – not the content – is on point
  • Think about the meaning, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling of each word
  • Fix any mistakes noted and print the paper and proofread it one more time

This experience is a slow, unpleasant, and long one at first. However, the more one proofreads, the better their English gets, the easier it becomes, and the higher their chances of scoring higher in the academic writing assignment.

To get assistance with this from the best thesis writers on the web, contact SenPerfect.com.

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